A demo website is available in default download of appRain with two different theme. You can install the latest version of appRain and also try all available extensions.

Below is a list of some common extension you can choose and view in demo.

Admin panel link:

Login Information
  • Username: demo
  • Password: Aa123456
Select component for demo
App Slide Home Page Slideshow Yes Yes
jQuery Back Stretch A homepage background slideshow Yes Yes
Home Press Manage diffirent content area with image and text Yes Yes
Menu Manager Dynamic Menu Manager to create and change website drop down menu.

In the demo we have set it as submenu but it can be main menu as per need.
Yes Yes
Owl Carousel JavaScript carousel slider. Yes Yes
Table Sorter JavaScript table sorter.

Install the extension and add class "table" in HTML table.
Yes Yes
Accounting System A generic account system by dual entry. No Yes
Report Development Develop report dynamically by writting code from admin panel No Yes
Members Manage members by Registration and Login Yes Yes
Blog A content publisher also allow user to comment Yes Yes
Forum A simple discussion board Yes Yes
Contact Us A page for user to contact with website admin Yes Yes
Cute File Browser Browser and download files by traversing folders Yes No
Data Security Do a session verification on every HTML FORM submission No No
Secure Admin Panel Hide default URL of Admin Panel by defining a preferred keyword and protect from external expose.

In this demo admin panel keyword has set as "myhiddenadmin"
No Yes
App Editor Code editor to edit source code No Yes
Database Expart Manage database to Export, Inport, Downlaod and backup No Yes